Mission of the organization

1. Facilitate, through appropriate interventions, the integration of people with mental health problems into the community, and increase their degree of socialization.

2. To enable, through appropriate services, social activities and educational and therapeutic programs, the improvement of the quality and living conditions of people with mental health problems living in the community.

3. Provide support and guidance to people struggling with a mental health problem to promote greater autonomy, while respecting their pace of life and highlighting their potential.

4. Uphold and defend the rights of people who have a mental health problem.

5. Assist and offer support to service users who come into conflict with the law.

6. Encourage a friendly relationship between a person who has a mental health problem and a volunteer who has been selected and trained. The relationship is taking place within the framework of a warm, human and unprofessional process.

7. Raise awareness, educate and engage the population in our approach so that everyone can contribute to the social reintegration of people with mental health problems.

8. Develop and maintain better collaboration, both with stakeholders working in community resources and professionals in health, social services, public security and legal institutions, and with officials from municipal and government organizations in order to enable people who have a mental health problem to benefit from services that adequately meet their needs.

9. Improve the self-esteem of these people by encouraging them to get involved in the organization’s projects and also by offering them the opportunity to participate in its administration.