In addition to the community support and follow-up service, Friendship Volunteer Association Inc. has been offering the services of an educator to help members at home since 2012.

Role of the educator

The educator assists the person in the completion of household chores. For educational and learning purposes, the educator helps residents who need guidance in developing working methods in doing home maintenance tasks as well as the organization of his/her living environment. The educator also promotes the importance of personal hygiene and its potential impact on health.

Informative presentations

The educator offers informative presentations that are likely to help the person to become more autonomous. They also seek assistance from professionals when it is appropriate. The topics cover various aspects of health, physical and dental hygiene, budget planning, the challenge of quitting smoking, weight control, funeral arrangements, some aspects of social aid, and more.

Collective kitchen

Once a week, the educator organizes a collective kitchen activity. Eight people can participate. Then, participants eat together the meal they cooked and bring back home two portions of that meal. Keeping in mind the importance of a healthy lifestyle, an outdoor walking activity or a fitness program is also offered. After this activity, the educator offers the participants a healthy juice in a little cafe in order to promote socializing.