Day and Evening Center

Located downtown Montreal, the Day and Evening Center is the meeting place for the members of the organization. A warm and cordial place that promotes socialization and where it is also possible to receive support and to take part in educational and therapeutic activities. The center is open every day of the year, including statutory holidays, which are particularly highlighted with a generous meal and activities. Free substantial snacks and coffee are available all day long and full meals are served at least three times a week. Food baskets are distributed every Thursday.

Activities preview

-Choir activity is scheduled every Tuesday afternoon.
-The popular Bingo activity is every last Monday evening of the month with prizes to be won.
-The Beauty activity and Well-being Day happens every last Friday of the month.
-Outings and dance evenings are organized on a regular basis.
-The Big Christmas Party is the major event of the year for all the members.

Employability and skills development program

The human dimension of the center tends to recreate on a small scale the values that are conveyed in our society, which are related to respect for others, citizenship, socialization and accountability. Under supervision of mental health workers, 8 members are involved in an employability and skills development program.