Friendship Volunteer Program

Inspired by American programs, the Friendship Volunteer Association Inc. is the first organization in the province of Quebec to offer a service involving volunteers in a social integration program of intervention for people who have mental health problems. It is through a warm human contact that this service creates and ensures a relationship between a trained and supervised volunteer and a member.

Role of the volunteer

The role of the volunteer is varied. He/she can alleviate the loneliness felt by the person being helped and build up his/her confidence and self worth. Volunteers offer compassion and active listening, and make home visits while favoring outings. In addition to accompaniments, other roles include the organization of events and activities at the Day and Evening Center, participation to cooking and help with administrative tasks.

Training program

Our volunteer network is composed of people who have been selected for their warm personality. To prepare them for their new tasks, a 10 hour training program is give. During all through his/her involvement, the volunteer is supervised by a community worker of the organization who is assigned to the person visited. This ensures that the appropriate interventions required are met.

Join us!

We are always looking for volunteers that can offer our members a friendly relationship or that can help organize stimulating activities at the community center.

You can register here. Do not hesitate to communicate with us in order to learn more about the possibilities of volunteering for our organization.