Follow-up program

The support and follow-up service in the community

The interventions of the personalized aid and accompaniment service are done within the persons living environment and are based on the person’s motivation to fulfill a life project designed according to his/her aptitudes and personal rhythm as well as on the principals of respect and mutual trust. A socio-judiciary service is also offered.

Role of the intervention worker

Intervene with the person to help her/him achieve a better emotional and psychological equilibrium. The worker also supports the person in her/his personal progress. The worker helps the person obtain her/his objectives that aim towards not only the acquisition of social skills but also the development of individual aptitudes and the resolution of practical problems.

Role of the user

Helped by the intervention worker, the person identifies his/her needs, determines realistic objectives and chooses the means to attain them. Better equipped psychologically thanks to the regular follow-up, the person makes his/her own decisions and assumes responsability for them.

Results achieved by this service

We have seen increased autonomy and self-esteem, the maintenance in their natural milieu, the improvement of the conditions and the quality of life and the decrease in the number of hospitalizations.

Also offered to the elderly

The Quebec population is aging and we observe in North America a significant rise in mental health problems.

Organizations that offer services to elderly people do exist. We can also find psychogeriatric programs which focus their services on elderly people that have developed mental health problems related to aging. However, very rare are the organizations that serve those who already have chronic mental health problems.

Friendship Volunteer Association Inc. has always made it a duty to make accessible and to offer all its services and programs to this specific clientele. Our community follow-up services is also offered to them.

This particular aspect of the community follow-up service is adapted to their needs by offering them a special type of assistance related to the needs of the elderly persons. The goals of the interventions are to help them reduce psychological distress, to diminish their social isolation and to defend their rights related to abuses. We can also help them facing typical problems associated to elderly.